If you (or your company are) is working in the Food Services industry and handle refrigerated product it is becoming more important that your refrigeration equipment is in optimal condition and running properly. A Sensor Management system will enable you to manage your equipment’s status at all times (as well as) and provide (providing) a history of performance if required. As food safety evolves this information is becoming a requirement of food administration regulators and various Government agencies.

Sensor Management was created to provide a platform for reliable data collection and provides management with an easy (by) to use (using an) interface that provides accurate real time information and historical data. In case of malfunctions alerts can be sent to enable the user to act as quickly as possible and move product to other areas and prevent spoilage.

Here are a few areas where services from Sensor Management can support the daily business, for other services click below – SEE MORE SERVICES.  

Improve record keeping

Information collected by Sensor Management sensors is routed over the network and stored on a secure server (cloud). Data can be accessed and archived from any location.

Cost reduction

Manual collection of refrigeration information is both timely and often not accurate. The Sensor Management system is real time and accurate all the time.

Access to data

All platforms, with permission, will have timely access to the Sensor Management database.


Sensor Management’s IoT solution is created with flexibility in mind so it can be adapted to all most all kind of industries.

For example the solution could be used in these sectors and for the following reasons;

  • In the food preparation sector like, catering services, restaurants, butcheres, bakeries etc. where temperature and humidity control is important for food safety. 
  • In the health care sector it is important special medicines and  vaccines are kept at the right temperatures, insuring products effectiveness.
  • Vending machines or cooler units with temperature control is also a area where the solution could be implemented, to ensure the right temperature and humidity is in the machines or cooler.


Sensor Management’s IoT solution is a cloud based system. By using an ecosystem in the cloud, Sensor Management provides a system to it’s  clients which give them several advantages and benefits in their daily business activities.

Clients won’t have make big investments in software or servers as well as the cost of keeping the system up to date is taken care of by Sensor Management.

As all data is kept in cloud, enabling clients easy access to their data whenever needed, as well as it is kept secure at the same time.  


The philosophy behind Sensor Management’s products is that they should be easy to install, low in maintenance requirements and have a long lifetime.

The same is for the platform on which the devices are connected, here it should be easy to get an overview of what the status is right now, as well it should also be easy to see history if any alerts has been received.

Sensor Management is providing a plug & play system where the initial investments are kept at a minimum.

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We’d love to discuss how our solution would be able to support and help your business in meeting the higher and higher requirements which which are being set by government regulators as well as by the public, in today’s business environment.

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