Sensor Management


Report generation

When a report has to be generated, being on screen or on paper is has to be easy. 

For that reason Sensor Management has created a system where data can be generated with a few clicks or tabs. 

Access to data

Data has to easy for the right people to get hold of whenever needed.

Therefore Sensor Management have created a System which can be accessed on whatever platform the user my be running.

Data in the cloud

All data is stored in the cloud so they are easy to retrieve at the same time as data security is improved. 

Reports on demand

Wherever the user is located report will be easy to generate. This also make it possible to management to control things are following set schedules.


Sensor Management’s platform created with flexibility in mind which makes it possible to set levels of temperatures or humidity independently. 

Should a setting for temperature or humidity be breached an alert can be send to the right person/persons so quick action can be taken.

Reduce cost

Sensor Management’s IoT solution makes it possible to release some resources which can be added to more productive areas.

Losses due to malfunction of a fridge or freezer can also be reduces due to automatic temperature/humidity control with alerts if something has to be taken care off. 


We’d love to discuss how our solution would be able to support and help your business in meeting the higher and higher requirements which which are being set by government regulators as well as by the public, in today’s business environment.

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